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Dec 21, 2018
Sometime in the last month, my wife lost her fob, along with keys for the house and the boat. The keys are no big deal, but the fob! Anyone else lost their fob? The dealer wants $280+, then it'll be at least 3 days for it to show up, and then it's another $79+ to program it. I might check a locksmith. I looked at eBay, they have some for 28 to $35, but do I trust them? And you still have to program it.
Do You Got keyfree access?
as far as i know keys are preprogramed with VIN numer at factory. that's why they musted to be oredered prior VIN number.
they are already cutted to fit to door lock and ohter locks. They will be also needed to be programed/added to the car gateway/kessy.

I don't know or think so, that someone can program "foreign"(with other VIN inside) key to car. However maybe someone has clear keys and is doing preprograming first.

On Friday I picked up my new fob at the audi dealer. I ordered it on Monday, it took 2 days to get there, and then I needed to set up an appointment to get it programmed to the car. $375 later, everything is fine.