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Mar 7, 2021
Hello all, I have been looking over as much as i could find online regarding reliability a of the 2016 A3 e-tron. I have my eye on a used one with almost 100k Miles on it and wanted to know if anyone has feedback that has one with around that mileage or higher. I have a Volt that I am fearing is starting to bite the dust and wanted to get away from Chevy ultimately. Lastly, is there anything I should look for or test specifically when purchasing test driving (secret menu with stats, errors)? Thanks in advance.
I currently own a 2014 Volt with 75k miles and a 2016 e-tron Premium Plus with 36k miles. Coming from a Volt, you're going to be sorely disappointed in the availability of data in the vehicle. The Volt excels in this regard. The e-tron, not so much. It doesn't really tell you much of anything about battery mileage or kwh on the display. I really miss the instantaneous kw readout that the Volt has. The EV range guess-o-meter in the e-tron is extremely inaccurate, often overestimating available mileage after charging by 20% or more.
The transmission in the e-tron is going to feel very clunky compared to the Volt. However, the e-tron feels much more nimble and lighter overall. The Volt feels like a boat in comparison.
The e-tron also feels significantly bigger inside, despite the fact that it's about 1 ft shorter overall than the Volt. Some of that is due to sheer size of the Volt's dash & center console. Most of that is due to the reduced space in the cargo area of the e-tron. The e-tron has about half as much usable space back there, but this makes the rear seats much more usable than they are in the Volt.