2015 E-tron Charging Cable Failed to Release

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New member
Sep 1, 2021
Hello all. First post - apologies for the length…
When I went to release my charging cable yesterday (by pressing the “unlock” button on the key fob) it failed to release. I tried several times (the charge light just went red), then went to the “Emergency Release“ button just inside the bonnet - and the cord snapped. I then tried to remove the plastic panel above the charge port - two of the five Torx screws were rock solid, and I didn’t want to damage the heads.
After numerous varied attempts, I finally got it free by setting the charging timer to “Charge Now” - the light went green, but after a couple of minutes went orange, and the lock released.
I’ve now booked it in to my local Audi dealer for investigation. The worst outcome is a replacement socket unit at - wait for it! - £810 + vat and fitting!!
I’m hoping that they will simply replace the ER cord, loosen the Torx screws and check/clean underneath. Has anyone else had a similar experience? I really don’t want to pay the best part of a grand for a sticky charge socket!