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  1. THICColasCage

    Just bought one

    Ok sounds good looks like I’ll just get an OBD11
  2. THICColasCage

    Just bought one

    Might be a Prestige thing then - I was hunting for one and finally gave up. I'll try the mirrors a few more times in different ways. Maybe I can make it happen
  3. THICColasCage

    Just bought one

    I gave it a shot a few different ways yesterday when heading to the store and otherwise.. I couldn't get it to go. Is yours Prestige? I'm Premium Plus.. so far no go. I know the OBDeleven (from what I read) will enable it probably.. i may buy it on Amazon, set everything the way I want to, and...
  4. THICColasCage

    Engine Bay Cleaning

    Thank you again! I've done it multiple times on multiple cars.. this is the first car with all that electrical fun times under the hood so i'm a bit nervous about soaking it down with Gunk and then like.. water. Seems like everything you shouldn't do..
  5. THICColasCage

    Just bought one

    Whaaaaa - is this how you set the mirror thing or just how to test if it is enabled?