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    Engine Bay Cleaning

    I'm with @icee on this one. Although it may be safe to do a blanket spray and rinse cleaning under the hood, I wouldn't risk it. As pointed out already, I would make sure the engine bay is ambient temp before attempting to clean anything.
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    Replacement tires

    @btwyx , it feels like you may be on the side of the camp that doesn't overly care about pure EV range, but there is some recent discussions on the topic here: In the end, you know your needs best, but...
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    How much EV range with AC on?

    My two cents here is that I'm learning to make efficient use of my AC. First of all, assuming I'm alone in the car, I close the rear passenger vent as well as the front passenger vent, with 3 vents pointed directly at my torso and face. Then, instead of turning the AC on at say something like...
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    From Prius to e-tron

    Welcome @Bob and congratulations on your new ride! Nice to see you are enjoying it already. I always say, with German cars, take care of the car, and the car will take care of you. Enjoy!
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    Has anyone tried 16" wheels on their A3 e-tron?

    It's all about what you're after. Everyone is entitled to their wishes, desires and shit, we all work hard for our cash, we can spend it how we like and no justification is necessary.
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    Has anyone tried 16" wheels on their A3 e-tron?

    I haven't done any scientific A/B testing, but yes, I do believe I have gained range with this setup. The car is lighter on it's feet. Rotational mass reduction has always worked wonders in my experience and my philosophy has been that the wheels only need to be as large as they need to be to...