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2016 Audi etron -50k miles
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Author:  Octavius07 [ Mon Dec 31, 2018 11:04 am ]
Post subject:  2016 Audi etron -50k miles

So....I’ve rented a Prius in the past.ive owned an emily and I own a bmw i3. I’m familiar with electric cars. I bought this as our second car which is capable of going on road trips...I’ve also amended a normal A3 and a Vw Gti.loved both of them.

So far...I’m pretty disappointed in this car.

My commute is 8 miles. I fully charge my battery and it is dead by the time I get to work. I assume most of the problem comes from hot weather and a minor hill 9los Felix blvd from glendale to hollywood). If I take a flat routem]. And the weather is cold....I might have 10 miles left by the time I get to Beverly Hills. But at lunch time,,,,I might drive 3 miles and that 10 miles will disappear.

On the highway...I’m getting 25 mpg on my way to San Francisco. Granted I’m driving 80mph....but the Prius I had got 90mpg on a 2015 passat got 35 on a highway...why would this get such aweful mileage.

It get maybe 2 miles per kw hour in this car. That pretty horrible. My other electric cars got about 4.5 miles per kwhour. Why pay $2 to go 8 miles? Especially when that * miles disappears in 3 miles.

I’m going to keep checking the mileage on this trip..... but I had the dealer check the battery and they said all is normal.

Any advice?

Yes of course I’ve gotten 40mpg when I’m in the city, but that’s because I’m running all, electric on my way to work.
Literally half my day of driving is electric..... and I’m only getting 40mpg.

Are my numbers normal? Or is there something wrong with this car.....
I’ve owned it two months.

Author:  khs604 [ Wed Jan 02, 2019 1:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 2016 Audi etron -50k miles

Something doesn't sound right. When I take long highway trips (San Diego to Paso Robles or SD to Phoenix) and running mostly gas I easily average around 40MPG. Thats averaging around 75MPH. My commute to work is about 24 miles and I only use the engine for about 3 miles of the drive.
What I have noticed is my battery charge capacity is decreasing. Its a 2017 with 18k miles. I charge at work using Charge point. The app tells you how many kW were put in the car. When it was new it would always add about 6.8kW, now 2 years later it never adds more than 6.1kW. My miles remaining used to read 26-29. Now its never over 23. The drop in EV range is noticible. You might check to see how much charge is getting to the battery from empty. If its below say 5kW you might have a battery issue. I doubt the dealer measures the amount of charge going into the battery.

Author:  Octavius07 [ Thu Jan 03, 2019 6:57 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 2016 Audi etron -50k miles

Thanks for the reply. I tracked it some more. Charged it 3 or more times... then used the highway for 200 miles. the wife drove and I calculated 30,mpg. She doesn't drive over 65mph...and this was flat ground.

When I charge it, it typically starts by saying 22 miles remaining on battery. Last night was about 40degrees F outside and the battery charged 30 miles for the first time. granted... it said 22 miles within 3 miles of my house....

Again... dealer checked and said battery checked out on.... meaning not in warrantee. but i think something is up. Perhaps it's a difference with a 2016 model??

what's the overall gas mileage you can get commuting to work?

Author:  Octavius07 [ Thu Jan 03, 2019 10:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 2016 Audi etron -50k miles

just got 15 miles out of a fully charged battery. flat ground 10 Celsius outside.

Author:  khs604 [ Thu Jan 03, 2019 3:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 2016 Audi etron -50k miles

what's the overall gas mileage you can get commuting to work?

Going by the dash readout I can usually keep it at 300 going to work (24 miles) Going home about 125-200 mpg. Its a little more uphill going home. Of the 24 miles 12 is highway. I use sport mode to slow down which seems to charge better than using the left paddle on the steering wheel.

I would recommend find a chargepoint station. Plug in empty and see how much current is going in. Charge point will tell you how much current was used to fill the batteries. When new, I was topping off at 6.8kW, now 6.1kW

Author:  hangtime10 [ Fri Jan 04, 2019 8:19 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 2016 Audi etron -50k miles

Happy New Year A3 E-tron owners

Octavius07, did you buy your car used? I typically ask this as some of the issues you are experiencing maybe due to neglect by the previous owner(s).
That aside, the experience with my 2016 has been pretty good. Fully charged overnight shows me 32-35 km on the GOM, although I'm only getting around 18-27 AER depending on the temp these days.
I find preheating my car prior to leaving in the morning really helps.
This week I've driven almost 250 km on less than 15 litres of gas (just know that 2 bars are gone) in temp less than 0 deg C, which is 6L/100 km or about 39 mpg. Most of my driving is in Sport mode. I'm sure I could get better figures if I changed how I drive.
You should know that there is a significant weight difference and "focus of use" between the 2 cars. Not knowing which version of the Prius you had I'll use the 2012 Prius V 5-dr since it's likely the heaviest version made.
The Prius weighs 3274 lbs, while the Audi weighs 3616 lbs.

Author:  PRS18 [ Mon Jan 07, 2019 9:40 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 2016 Audi etron -50k miles

Octavius07 wrote:
the wife drove and I calculated 30,mpg. She doesn't drive over 65mph...and this was flat ground.

That's far worse than even my lowest mileage. 25 mile commute with charging at both ends driven over hill with part of the commute at 75-80 mph I've gotten over 100 mpg several times.

I manage power mode manually to maximize electric range. I preheat/precool off shoreline, put car in battery hold while going up hill, switch to EV before cresting and then stay in EV mode until battery is depleted.

I do not have "charge mode" available on an '18, though reports are that lowers mpg.

On long trips where the battery is depleted for hundreds of miles I typically get around 50 mpg.

Author:  clarkaddison [ Tue Jan 29, 2019 1:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 2016 Audi etron -50k miles

We just hit 20,000 miles on our '16 e-tron. Here are some mileage observations.

Although the display indicates 20-23 miles of battery power fully charged, we typically get 15-17 miles on a charge. Most days we remain within that range, so we burn no gasoline.

Overall mileage is 58 mpg. We typically get around 40 mpg on long trips running 70-80 mph. The best trip mileage we ever got was creeping along in LA rush hour: 117 mpg. Regenerative braking works. It also keeps the wheels free of brake dust.

The A3 e-tron is the perfect car for the way we use it. Economizes like a Prius, but drives and handles like an Audi.

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