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Audi MMI App Problems 2018 E-Tron
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Author:  gubble [ Thu Nov 22, 2018 8:14 am ]
Post subject:  Audi MMI App Problems 2018 E-Tron


Been lurking on here for a while but first time poster so hi everyone !

I have a 2018 E-Tron which i'm having an issue with the MMI app.

The app stopped receiving data from the car on 16/11/2018. Since then it's told me the car is plugged in, I've not done any journeys and it thinks it's sat in my car park at work.

I have uninstalled the app from my phone and re-installed - no difference.

I took the car to my Audi dealer last night who advised me to remove myself as a key user on the my Audi website, which I have done.

I'm now left unable to add myself as a key user on the my Audi website. The website asks me to enter the mileage which i have done but it keeps stating the mileage is incorrect. I have enterred the mileage in both the Miles (UK) value and KM - neither work.

I spoke to the Audi customer support line who advised me to take the car for a drive so the mileage changes, wait 20 minutes then try to add myself as a key user again with the revised mileage. I've followed their instructions and this has also failed to work.

Has anyone else experienced these problems or have any possible solutions i could try?

Thanks in Advance

Author:  sonnykeyes [ Fri Nov 23, 2018 5:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Audi MMI App Problems 2018 E-Tron

I was able to put the MMI app on my phone and connect to my 2018 A3 e-tron, but then I could find no useful functions in the app. Would you mind telling me what benefit you find in the app? I can't make it do anything to the car, and I'm puzzled what possible use this app could have. Thanks!

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